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Island tennis tournament starts July 14

Male and female players have until July 10 to register

Marc Portelance, The Magazine, June 19 1996

The advent of summer brings with it the return of the popular Nuns' IslandTennis Tournament which will be held July 14 to August 25.

There will be two groups of 64 male singles players each in categories Aand B (strong and intermediate players respectively), as well as 64 femalesingles players. There will also be men's, women's, and mixed doubles.

Organizer Stéphane Leblanc announced that singles winners will each win$100 and finalists will take home $30 each.

Entrants must register and pay a one-time $25 fee by cheque at the TennisChalet at Elgar Park by July 10. The fee includes a meal after the finals,which will held on August 25. For information, call 765-7267.

Following registration, charts with all the players in each category willbe posted at the chalet and participants have to book time slots to playtheir matches.

<<If players leave on vacation during the tournament,>> Leblanc says, <<they have to arrange to make up for lost time.>>

Leblanc says more than 150 players have already registered for thetournament this year. And Francis Gagné, male singles winner for the lasttwo years, isn't playing this year!

<<After two years of victory,>> Leblanc said, <<he decided to leave [victory] for someone else.>>

Leblanc added he expects last year's female singles winner Chad Bradleywill be back this year.

Although the tournament is already sponsored by the City of Verdun, TheMagazine, Provigo, the Nuns'# Island Tennis Club, Rona and Bula, Leblanc issearching for more sponsors. Anyone interested can get information at thechalet, or call 765-7267.

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